Rooms Grey Gum Lodge

Our Guest House Rooms at Grey Gum Lodge are the most comfortable in town.

All travellers know how important it is to be able to relax in your chosen accomodation.  Particularly if you have travelled a long way to get there. Be it by car, bus, train, plane or even thumb! Its all about being able to relax and unwind, when you choose to in the haven of your room.

Our Guest House Rooms at Grey Gum Lodge in Nimbin allow you to do exactly that. Take a shower, flop on the bed and connect with the fact that you have landed in Nimbin. Take a short “power nap” if you need to before venturing out and exploring our fabulous town.

There are usually other travellers at Grey Gum Lodge to chat with if you care to – with stories as interesting as your own. Most travellers who arrive in Nimbin having an interesting story to tell. But if you are looking for solitude- that’s good too and Grey Gum Lodge is ideal for this as well.

Check out our  reviews  for Grey Gum Lodge on Trip Advisor and other travel review sites, if you are doubting that we could be ideal for your stay in Nimbin. We love welcoming you and we want nothing more than for you to enjoy your stay with us here at Grey Gum Lodge and in this town that we are so proud of.


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