All About Nimbin

All About Nimbin

‘The name Nimbin comes from the aboriginal name Nyimbuny meaning ‘the little men of the forest’

Settled by farmers a hundred and fifty years ago Nimbin is an old town by white Australian standards. But this area has seen thousands of years of settlement by indigenous inhabitants; the Bundjalung people who lived sustainably here for thousands of years. Nimbin is home to several scared aboriginal sites of great interest to visitors; including the famous Nimbin Rocks.

Nimbin Hemp EmbassyNimbin’s first white settlers were rugged farmers who recognised the potential of the rich volcanic soils of the area – and set about clearing land to establish cattle farms. The area thrived as a farming district for several decades before entering a decline until being re-discovered by Hippies in 1973- who identified it’s spectacular beauty as making it the perfect place to stage the Aquarius Festival – and to give birth to the counter-culture movement on Australian soil; many leaving their city lives behind to remain here and establish communities that exist to this day.

Since 1973 Nimbin has played host again and again to the many social justice and  environmental causes that mark this small community of people as being progressive citizens who recognise the responsibility we all have to love and respect our earth and all who walk upon it.

Grey Gum Lodge would like to pay respects to the original inhabitants, and their descendants of this region – the Bundjalung people.

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